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Scientific communication and “diamonds” on Flinders Island, Tasmania

Intro: Science is pretty cool, and so is being a scientist. This is what I (and most other scientists) think at least. However, the further you continue your studies in science, the more specialized you get… and the more specialized you get, the harder it becomes to explain all the neat and cool science to
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Famous rocks of Maria Island, Tasmania; From Painted to Fossil Cliffs

Intro: An island off an island off an island; welcome to Maria! I recently jumped aboard the opportunity to go on a weekend field excursion run by Geological Association of Australia (GSA) and the university to this wonderful little island off the east coast of Tasmania, Australia. The whole island is a protected national park,
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Conquering the top of Australia and classic geology in New South Wales

Intro: Entering the world of academia comes the exciting but terrifying ordeal of presenting research at conferences. Although this was the purpose of my visit to New South Wales (NSW), located in south west Australia, I will save my research details for another post and instead highlight some of the classic geology I was able to
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