Petrified (fossil) forest of Lune River, Tasmania 

My video on the fossil remains of an ancient forest in Lune River,  Tasmania. Fossilized tree branches, ferns and beautiful agates are buried within the soft gravel ground, and there are dedicated blocks of the forest where public people can go and find some of these neat specimens. In this video I briefly describe how the fossilized forest formed and how to get (i.e., fossick) for them yourself! This is based on my post A fossilzed (petrified) forest in the ground.

What is the Tessellated Pavement in Tasmania, Australia?

There is a neat place near Eaglehawk Neck in Tasmania, Australia, called the Tessellated Pavement. It looks man-made to some people, but actually, it’s an interesting geological phenomenon which I explain in this short video. This is based on my What is the Tessellated Pavement post.

Rare Minerals of Tasmania and Where to Find Them

A video blog on the rare and beautiful minerals; crocoite and stichtite! These minerals are world renowned and highly sought-after. In this video I explain what these minerals are, a bit on how they form, and where to find them for yourself in Tasmania, following a visit to the best locality in the world for crocoite samples, which is the Adelaide mine here near Dundas, Tasmania, Australia. This is based on Rare minerals of Tasmania and where to find them post.

The geo-science of Machu Picchu and other Inca sites to see in Peru

Video blog around Machu Picchu and other Inca sites in Peru! This video is about the rocks that make the famous stones of Machu Picchu, and the geologically unstable faults that bound the city ruins! Plus, a list other spectacular Inca site that are definitely worth the visit while in the Cusco and Lima area of Peru! This is based on The geology of Machu Picchu and other Inca sites to see in Peru

Hidden Gold Mines and Stone Forests of Northern Peru!

Video blog around Northern Peru (i.e. the Cajamarca region), home to some of the largest gold mines in South America! Follow along with me to the Northern Highlands of Peru where I visit gold mines and briefly explain how these gold deposits form and why they are “hidden”. Also, I check out Cumbemayo “The Stone Forest” which are columnar volcanic rocks that the pre-Inca 2,000 year old Cajamarca culture carvel water canals into! This is based on Hidden gold mines and stone forests of Northern Peru


The Andes, Volcanoes and Copper Mine of Chile!

Video blog around Chile; one of the best countries in the world for geology and metal deposits! Follow along with my geological travels in central and northern Chile were I give a brief overview of the Andes mountain range, the active volcanic arc of eastern Chile and the largest copper mines in the world! This is based on The Andes, copper mines and volcanoes of Chile!


Abel Mountains of Tasmania

Video blog about the Abel mountains, my attempt to hike one (Mt. Anne) and some of the geology and glaciated terrain. This is based on The “Abel” mountains of Tasmania

Volcanoes in Australia?!

My 2nd attempt to keep up this video logging to go along with my blog! This is based on the Active volcanoes in Victoria, Australia!? post!

Maria Island, Tasmania, Australia

My 1st attempt at a video log to go along with my blog. This is based on the Famous rocks of Maria Island; From Painted to Fossil Cliffs [Tasmania, Australia] post!