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What the Great Barrier Reef is made of [Australia]

Intro: When given the opportunity… or when in Rome… actually, I don’t think either of these really work too well, but what I’m trying to do is segway into my blog post about my stop-over in Cairn, Queensland, Australia; gateway the Great Barrier Reef! Having come via New South Wales and a month at my research field site
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asteroid near earth impact DA14 February 15 2013 close encounter

Space rocks; Difference between asteroids vs meteoroids and hazards/effects

Intro: So this is little different than my science-travel posts, but with the recent near-earth approach of Asteroid 2012 DA14 on Feb 15th 2013, and on the same day (but unrelated) a bus-sized meteor crashed into Russia’s Ural mountains, there has been a spotlight on extraterrestrial threats to earth. Thus, this post is going to be all about
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Giant sea turtles of Brazil’s Bahia

Intro: With The Amazon and Iguazu Falls done, it was time to fly east to the coast and visit the Bahia state, home to impressive coastlines and rich culture. Staying in the historic Pelourinho in Salvador allowed us to experience some tradition musical performances and celebrations which seem to lighten up this square night after
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