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A hidden lake in the mountains of Tasmania

Intro: Hidden away in the southwest of Tasmania is one of the most beautiful places, Lake Rhona. This is a little lake (~ 300 m2) in the mountains surrounded by some neat rocks, in a pretty interesting geological area. It takes a bit of a bushwalking (i.e., hiking) effort to get to, but is well
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The Abel mountains of Tasmania

Intro: There is something special about mountains when you are a geologist (i.e. a person who spends a good chunk of the time thinking about rocks). Their prominent peaks seem to allure and beg to be reached. Growing up in Canada I’m used to being surrounded by gorgeous glacier-caped mountain. Sadly, these are missing in Australia. However,
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Frenchman's Cap in the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park - Tasmania, Australia, Views

A Tasmanian “bushwalk” to a sturdy Frenchman’s Cap

Intro: With so much diverse and abundant national parks, nature and geology to see in Tasmania, it was only a matter of time before a long bushwalk was required (bushwalking is what Australians commonly call ‘hiking’ here…) Over 45% of the state of Tasmania is recognized as a national park, there is much to choose
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