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Capturing Australia’s Outback in 3-D: Part 2

Intro: Arguably the most famous landscape of Australia, I got to venture into the heart of the outback “red centre” as part of a geology-photography project (AusGeol). Our journey captures multiple meteor impact craters (!!), the famous Uluru (aka Ayer’s rock), Kata Tjuṯa (aka the Olgas), King’s Canyon and more! This post is Part 2
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Starting graduate school and research overseas; Introducing Tasmania

Intro: After graduating from university with a Bachelor of Science, and working in mineral exploration for a couple years, I decided to go back to school again and aspire toward a Masters of Science. I really do love the school/university environment and have always wanted to broaden my education and take on a research based project
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Galapagos Islands – Swimming among and saving sharks with Cousteau, plus pyroclastic Kicker Rock

Intro: Continuing on with my the promise from my last post about the magnificence land/islands of the Galapagos, this post is all about the sea… well, mostly (who am I kidding, I have to add in some geology). But alas, the sea; “once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever” as
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How the Alps assembled; Mountain building 101 [Switzerland]

Intro: A night train away from Slovenia and we were in Switzerland. We stopped briefly in Zurich (the largest city in Switzerland, located at the edge of Zurich Lake) which allowed me to visit the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), regarded as one of the top universities in the world with over 21 Nobel Prize
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