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Working up high! The Peruvian Andes

Intro: The high Andes in central Peru is home to unbelievably high hills, ridiculous roads, remarkable little communities and funny furry animals. It is also home to beautiful geology and prospective ground for mineral exploration. I recently traversed the roads and hills in this energetic country, and learnt that things are a lot harder to
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The rocks of Machu Picchu and other Inca sites to see in Peru

Intro: When in Peru, do what the tourists do, right? Well, most tourists aren’t on the tail end of a several week intensive geology short course on ore deposits and mines of Chile and Peru I guess… but I still had to do it. Machu Picchu is considered one of the 7 Wonders of the
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Hidden gold mines and stone forests of Northern Peru

Intro: While Chile may be well-endowed in giant copper mines, Peru has a more golden-flavour to its country-side. After my travels in Chile we flew to the northern Peruvian region of Cajamarca. The main town is also called Cajamarca (which is the place where they killed the last Inca). From here it was off to the
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