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Scientific communication and “diamonds” on Flinders Island, Tasmania

Intro: Science is pretty cool, and so is being a scientist. This is what I (and most other scientists) think at least. However, the further you continue your studies in science, the more specialized you get… and the more specialized you get, the harder it becomes to explain all the neat and cool science to
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A fossilized (petrified) forest in the ground

Intro: There is a place in Tasmania where stunning fossil remains of an ancient forest can be found by just about anyone. This is Lune River, located near the south tip of the island (~ 2 hours drive south of Hobart). Fossilized tree branches, ferns and beautiful agates are buried within the soft gravel ground,
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Rare minerals of Tasmania and where to find them

Intro: There are some people, known as mineral collectors, that hunt for the most unique and beautiful mineral specimens in the world… and Tasmania has two of these world renowned and highly sought-after minerals in our own backyard; crocoite and stichtite. Minerals are naturally occurring substances that make up rocks. Geologists (specifically mineralogists) study and
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