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Rare minerals of Tasmania and where to find them

Intro: There are some people, known as mineral collectors, that hunt for the most unique and beautiful mineral specimens in the world… and Tasmania has two of these world renowned and highly sought-after minerals in our own backyard; crocoite and stichtite. Minerals are naturally occurring substances that make up rocks. Geologists (specifically mineralogists) study and
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A geological oddity; orbicular granites of Tasmania

Intro: Tasmania sure does pack-a-punch when it comes to geological oddities. One of the strangest I would argue is the bizarre spotted granites on the west coast. Clustered within certain areas of the granite are orbs containing tourmaline, quartz and other minerals. The sight of them is spectacular, and their formation is still enigmatic! We
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The rocks of Machu Picchu and other Inca sites to see in Peru

Intro: When in Peru, do what the tourists do, right? Well, most tourists aren’t on the tail end of a several week intensive geology short course on ore deposits and mines of Chile and Peru I guess… but I still had to do it. Machu Picchu is considered one of the 7 Wonders of the
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Hidden gold mines and stone forests of Northern Peru

Intro: While Chile may be well-endowed in giant copper mines, Peru has a more golden-flavour to its country-side. After my travels in Chile we flew to the northern Peruvian region of Cajamarca. The main town is also called Cajamarca (which is the place where they killed the last Inca). From here it was off to the
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The Andes, copper mines and volcanoes of Chile!

Intro: Chile is one of the best countries in the world for geology and metal deposits. It’s elongated western margin is bounded by an earthquake-inducing, mountain-building and ore deposit-forming subduction zone! I recently took part in a field course run by our university that explored the northern-region of the country where the Atacama desert and some
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The Abel mountains of Tasmania

Intro: There is something special about mountains when you are a geologist (i.e. a person who spends a good chunk of the time thinking about rocks). Their prominent peaks seem to allure and beg to be reached. Growing up in Canada I’m used to being surrounded by gorgeous glacier-caped mountain. Sadly, these are missing in Australia. However,
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Active volcanoes in Victoria, Australia!?

Intro: Unsuspectingly lurking next to the massive metropolis of Melbourne, Australia, is a region of young and active volcanoes! This volcanic province covers an area >23,000 km in the southern state of Victoria. The volcanoes here are dormant, but still active, with the last eruption ~5000 years ago at Mt. Gambier. The landscape is flat
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Famous rocks of Maria Island, Tasmania; From Painted to Fossil Cliffs

Intro: An island off an island off an island; welcome to Maria! I recently jumped aboard the opportunity to go on a weekend field excursion run by Geological Association of Australia (GSA) and the university to this wonderful little island off the east coast of Tasmania, Australia. The whole island is a protected national park,
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The massive Chief rock of Squamish, British Columbia [Canada]

Intro: There is a giant rock that you can’t ignore along the famous Sea to Sky highway in British Columbia (B.C.), Canada. This is called “the Chief” and is actually a glacially exposed ancient magma chamber! It is well known to the locals in Squamish, B.C., which is my home-town. Thus, as I recently came back to Canada
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